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Should I Leave My Church (February) 

Can We Make Room For Repentance and Forgiveness (March) 

The Result Of Easter: Church! (April) 

Forget the “#ME TOO” effort to highlight women's rights! (May) 

In The 21st Century, Can We Still Believe In Spiritual Healing? (June) 

Lust! (July) 



When the New Year is not New (January) 

Making The World Safe For the Differences - Or - Mark Fox Scores! (February) 

An Epidemic Of Loneliness? (March) 

Keeping Open to the Holy (April) 

Parental Spirituality (May) 

Why your CCM Newsletter for June is Late (June) 

In Search of That Which is Missing (July) 

The article I never intended to write (August) 

Is it true that there are some people whom God won't forgive? (September) 

Religious Elitism (October) 

An Expression Of Gratitude At Thanksgiving (November)  

 Will Our Christmas Be Transformational? (December  



Science or Religion: On Which Will You Depend in 2017? (January) 

Turning the other Cheek? How realistic is that? (February) 

God and Immigration (March) 

It's Time To Celebrate (April) 

Unlearning Community (May)  

Danger, Challenge, And Opportunity (June)  

The Big Announcement (July)  

Moving to a Higher Level (August)  

"Go To Hell" (July)  

 "Fake News (Oct)"  

 "Thanksgiving (Nov)"   

  "A Christmas Story (Dec)"   



ISIS and Terrorism: A Reality We Can’t Afford To Ignore (January)

On Which Side Are You On? (February)

Lent And Easter At CCM (March)

Seeing Various World Religions As Both An Opportunity And a Threat (April)

Does The Bible Condemn Homosexuality? (May)  

Is Our Church Too Peaceful? (June)  

The Difference One Day Can Make (July)  

A Question About "The Anti-Christ?" Believe It or Not, YES! (August)  

Are the Beatitudes of Jesus Relevant in the 21st Century (September)  

Do We Need Reformation (October)  

How Can One Vote As A Christian (November)  

Santa or the Sacred: Which? (December)  



How To Be A Half-Christian (January)

Minister’s Musings (March)

Understanding Sacrifice (April)

We’re Making A Difference (May)

How Does our Church Stack Up? (August)

More On Forgiveness (September)

Questioning The Papacy (October)

A Reason For Thanksgiving (November)

Christmas Incarnatus (Becoming “Enfleshed”) (December)